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Amanda’s Weight Journey #1

I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. Like most, I started gaining weight in college, maintained a healthy weight for a few years, and then came pregnancy. I was already higher than my goal (and healthy) weight prior to becoming pregnant.

After pregnancy, I lost some of the “pregnancy” weight however never back to a healthy weight. Again, I maintained that for a few years then… guess what?!?… pregnancy #2. I wouldn’t trade a thing! Our boys completed our family and make us better people! But aside from the extra pounds, I also had less and less time to focus on myself and maintaining a healthy weight. I feel this is a common track of our weight loss journeys. I’ve done the diets. Most of them more than once. I’ve been successful… for a while. Then back to square one. I’ve attempted medication for weight loss before and had a successful boost but I didn’t completely commit to the process.

My goal for this medical weight loss clinic is to create a community of to help each other meet our best potential! I’m on this journey too! This is a safe place to discuss strategies, successes, minor hiccups, and to find love for our bodies! We’re made for more. We all want to gain health for a better quality of life. We can get fit by committing to ourselves. We will focus on our diet, exercise, and mind to be better people. Medications can and will be used for losing weight and maintaining a successful, healthy body weight.

Part of this program is starting with a complete lab panel to show any specific areas of health risks. This will include thyroid panel, lipid panel, complete blood counts, comprehensive metabolic panel, select vitamin levels and inflammatory markers. Certain weight loss medications may also require an EKG. We can perform a simple screen EKG in the office with a referral to cardiology if indicated. This thorough lab panel will give more information to allow an individualized medical weight loss program best suited for YOU! Call today for consult!