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Amanda’s Weight Journey #2

Day 1 on Semaglutide + B12

I did my first injection this morning! I self-injected in my lower thigh where I had enough fat to pinch together for the injection. No pain! Barely felt the needle or the medication. I am so excited for this first major step in my weight loss journey! I’ve read a lot of posts online (not from medical providers) and was very fearful of nausea and vomiting on my first day of the weight loss medication. However, it’s now 13+ hours after the injection and I’ve had no nausea or vomiting. The only thing I’ve felt today is fullness! No gas, nausea, bloating, or anything else. I ate lunch, although I was not hungry, to help reduce the chances of nausea. I never felt hungry for the rest of the day! On my way home, my stomach was growling (slightly) so I also ate dinner. My dinner was about half the amount of what I would normally eat. I felt full and satisfied afterward. No nausea! I truly believe the key is the compounded vitamin B12 and not overeating. The other great relief of this first day was that I ate what my family ate but in smaller portions! This will be key in sustainability for my weight loss journey!