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What About Labs?

Testosterone Therapy patients will need labs drawn on or prior to initial appointment

Weight Loss Patients:

- Labs are typically not needed prior to starting weight loss medications. If you do have recent labs, please bring a copy to your initial appointment.

- Lab results will be discussed in depth upon initial exam

- Follow up labs will be based on treatment plans and individual needs

How long are appointments?

- Please allow for 1 hour for the initial evaluation. We will discuss lab results, treatment options, pros and cons of elective treatment, and care plan for moving forward

- Follow Up exams will be 30 minutes or less

- Initial follow up will be in clinic with additional follows up being offered in clinic or via telehealth

Will I need testosterone for the rest of my life?

The short answer is, yes. Testosterone replacement is an elective treatment, not considered medically necessary. (Although I disagree with that sentiment.) If you feel the benefits in your daily life from testosterone replacement, then you must continue the therapy for continued results. This can be discussed in more depth on exam.

How much does it cost?

Both Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement services are offered on a subscription service plan. The costs will be individualized based on elective treatment options chosen.

Will I start medications the day of initial exam?

No, medications will be ordered on day of exam and shipped directly to you from the pharmacy in discrete packaging. Processing and shipping times may vary based on pharmacy demands

What if I do not want to give myself a shot?

Self-administration of most medications offered at Honest Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement LLC is encouraged. However, there are options such as training a loved one to assist with injections or scheduling injections in the clinic. Injection teaching will be done at time of exam.

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