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Men’s Health and Hormone Therapy is grossly underutilized in the United States. There are many causes of low testosterone in men other than simply aging. Some causes include environmental factors, obesity, chronic illness, previous medical interventions, testicular injuries, medications, substance abuse, etc. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in all people. It is critical for the balance of multiple systems throughout the body. Insurance regulations and big-pharma greed have made it nearly impossible for men to replace lost testosterone in order to feel like MEN again.

Low testosterone can cause: low motivation, decreased energy levels, chronic fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction, loss in muscle mass, increased body fat, brain fog, etc.

This clinic can help men to feel their best again. Don’t just remember the glory days, LIVE the glory days! Testosterone replacement therapy is safe and has proven to be a safe intervention for most adults. Call today to schedule a consultation!

Initial Exam will include an in-depth conversation of a thorough lab panel completed prior to exam. Discussion will include previous hormone treatments, signs and symptoms or low T, goals of treatment options, and an in-depth history and physical. Elective medication treatments will be based on your goals and physiological needs.
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